Ship of Love

Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 116 W x 81 H x 2 D cm

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About The Artwork

This is an original textured abstract painting in tones dominating of gold, blue and red.

I am inspired by love, by time and by universe while working on this big artwork. Love in this artwork is not only the Ship’s steering wheel, but it’s the hole ship itself, sailing in calm and turbulent waters and lands, where many colors and dimensions unfold.
On the other side, the Ship of love itself is represented by different tonalities of colors and landscapes, where fiery passion is intertwined with peace and tranquility, where happiness is intertwined with pain.
The ship continues to sail as long as its steering wheel is commanded by pure love…

This artwork is textured by acrylic, gesso and modeling paste on very high quality cotton canvas.

Protective coat of satin varnish applied.

The painting is signed on the front and the back and delivered directly from my studio.

About my art:

My main inspiration is love, love for life, love for humanity, love for the beauty and love for enlightenment.
I think that love can be found everywhere, inside and outside us, even in the deepest darkness.
Driven by the magic power of love, light and beauty, and listening to my intuition and to my heart, through my artworks, I create a special connection with my inner and outer world, by aiming to spread positive energy, confidence, and happiness.
I practice action painting. I spill out my feelings, thoughts and emotions, by applying, pouring, splashing and dripping many layers of thick paint directly in canvas.
Every painting is a piece of me, is a capture of my deeper self, is a unique moment engraved in eternity.
Every painting is like a poetry, even like a novel with thousands of words, written in the international language of colors, shapes and textures, which can be read and understood without translation, by everyone, however, can be interpreted in so many individual and subjective ways.

Original Created: 2021

Subjects: Abstract

Materials: Canvas

Styles: Abstract, Fine Art

Mediums: Acrylic, Gesso, Modeling paste


Acrylic on Canvas


116 W x 81 H x 2 D cm

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