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C. Anaider discovered and began her journey as a poet in very young age.

For the Albanian reader, the author first appeared when she was only 15 years old, with her poetic volume, entitled “I don’t play with my sea” (“Nuk luaj me detin tim” in original Albanian language).

In 2020, during a period of isolation due to the Corona virus pandemic she wrote her first Novel entitled “Caves” (“Shpellat” in original Albanian language”), which was published by Mediaprint Publishing House in 2022. C. Anaider completed Bachelor and Master studies in Communication Sciences and PR in the Russian Federation and she worked many years in the field of marketing and communication.

While rediscovering herself when she moved in Geneva, R.C. Anaider started painting, by revealing her inner world not only through words, but also through colors and textures.

Driven by the magic power of love, light and beauty, and listening to her intuition and to her heart, through her artworks, R.C. Anaider creates a special connection with her with her consciousness and subconsciousness, with her inner and outer world, by aiming to spread positive energy, confidence, and happiness.

“I do not belong to you.
I do not belong to myself.
I am part of the air,
of water,
of heaven,

and of the stars still unenlightened.
I am the nirvana
scattered in the clouds of love.
I’m a happy spark
in the smile of a moment.

I’m the spring snow of cotton,
the golden rain of autumn.
I am the glaring sun
in the whiteness of winter.
I am the walking sand

On the nude summer beach.
I survive by living
the nonsense of dilemmas.
I resurrect with the collision
of sleepless and dreaming eyelids ….

Poetry by R.C. Anaider

The Caves novel

The novel “Caves” comes as an imaginary journey in a world conceived in the form of caves, which are not ordinary or conventional at all.

There collide the concepts of light and darkness, freedom and isolation, love and hate, family and loneliness, happiness and misfortune.

Caves are grouped into different cave communities. There are caves above the ocean, just as there are caves under the ocean, there are also caves above the air.

The main character of the novel, Silhouette C, is an orphan girl who, after escaping from the orphanage, faces a very difficult life in a dilapidated basement, in a remote corner of the “Lost Cave”.

Constantly looking for a cave that she could consider her missing home, Silhouette C follows her fate, which will lead her from one cave to another, thus traveling through unpredictable paths and dimensions, where fantasy exceeds the limits.

The Caves novel