Abstract Art, Writing, and Poetry

R. C. Anaider

Immerse yourself in the captivating world where abstract art and poetry unite. Here, an artist’s brush dances with the poet’s pen to create a unique fusion of color and verse. Explore the visual and literary harmony

Artist's Journey

R. C. Anaider is an abstract artist, writer and poet, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

She discovered and began in young age her journey as a poet and later as a writer. She started painting when she moved to live in Geneva, as a manifestation of the expression of her inner world in a period of rediscovering herself in a new country and society.

Her main inspiration is love, love for life, love for humanity, love for the beauty and love for enlightenment. She thinks that love can be found everywhere, inside and outside us, even in the deepest darkness.

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Welcome To My Abstract Art Workshops

Through art as therapy, connect to your inner world, awaken the artist in you, even if you've never held a paintbrush in your hands!

Regular Workshops every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!

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Step into a world where abstract art, writing, and poetry intertwine to explore the profound realms of love and enlightenment. This digital sanctuary showcases the visionary work of an artist, writer, and poet, inviting you to journey through vibrant paintings, compelling stories, and poetic expressions. 

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